There is no clear-cut opinion as such to which branch or major of engineering is best for a business oriented career. As far as getting into the business side of careers are concerned, you can

There is no clear-cut opinion as such to which branch or major of engineering is best for a business
oriented career. As far as getting into the business side of careers are concerned, you can major in any
of the available fields. A degree is basically just a piece of paper that gives you recognition and acts as a
screening device for employment. If you are more interested in starting a business of your own and
becoming self-employed, it doesn’t really matter whether you have a fancy degree or what you have
specialized in.
All you really need is a passion for business and a determination to go ahead no matter how many times
you fail. Business is more about identifying and responding to the needs of the market. You also need to
achieve this in a unique and competitive way.
One of the best solutions, no matter which branch of engineering you have selected, is to start your
career in the engineering part of the business. This will help you to gain enough experience about the
core business of a company. After that, you can slowly move or shift into the business side i.e. to less
purely engineering functions. You could transfer into the marketing, management or finance
Another effective way to prepare yourself for business is to gain a bit of experience after your
engineering degree, and then get an MBA degree. If you do not want to get a whole new master’s
degree after engineering, you could always opt for some additional courses relating to your business
interests. You could take courses in accounting, finance, statistics, management, economics, etc.
No matter which branch of engineering you choose, you have a wide range of opportunities in front of
you. Some of the ways in which you can start your own business after completing different engineering
courses are described below:
 Civil Engineering: The field holds a lot of potential for you to become self-employed. You could
start a firm or company that deals with various types of building designs. You could also design
and manage your own projects by becoming an independent consultant or contractor.
 Electrical Engineering: Engineers who have graduated in this discipline can start small-level
manufacturing companies to run small electrical sector businesses. Solar power dealerships are
another option that can be pursued.
 Computer Science Engineering: This stream holds the most potential for working from home.
You could set up a software company for creating various software development businesses,
software applications, programming, coding works, etc. Depending on your area of
specialization, you could also work as a freelancer and do various jobs like graphic designing,
website development, animation, logo creation, code testing, etc.

 Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical engineers have the option of taking over a franchisee of
any mechanical design institutes or centers. They could also start a manufacturing company on a
small-scale. Examples of simple products they can manufacture and sell include aluminum door
windows, clutch plates, enameled copper wires, etc. They also have the option to focus on
CAD/CAM software and 3D printing.
One must always remember that the branch or stream of engineering you choose has little to do with
the success of your startups or businesses. Rather, it is largely decided by your knowledge and skills,
hard work, quality of innovation, and persistence. Just make sure to choose the engineering field that
you are most interested in. If you would like to start a construction or consultancy company, civil
engineering would be a good option. If you are most interested in machines, cars and equipments, go
for automobile or mechanical engineering. And if you are crazy about computers and software
designing, choose computer science engineering. In this way, form the base or foundation by choosing
the right platform from where you can start to build your own business venture.

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